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How to Store Your Memories with Climate Controlled Storage

Store Your Memories with Climate Controlled Storage

Memory Lane


Well it’s official, I’m getting old. As I approach 60, I often find myself thinking back to the days of my youth and reminiscing. The other day I decided to take a stroll down memory lane by climbing up into the attic, and taking a look through some of my stored childhood memories  – Old record albums, boxes of baseball cards, my trumpet – I even found an old autograph book.  Ah, The memories that came rushing back – but I noticed something about all of these items.  They were all in worse condition now, than they were back when I put them into the attic. Some of the records appeared to be warped, the pages of the books were discolored and rippled,  and my baseball glove was covered with some sort of a white film. “Too late now “ I thought, but what could I have done differently? So I did some investigating, and here is what I came up with.

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Climate Change
So, while I could have done a better job of packaging these items prior to storing, the real problem is the extreme change in temperature and humidity levels throughout the year that occur in a typical attic area. The simple solution to this problem would be to keep all of your delicate, sentimental, and collectible items in a climate controlled area.  It was at this point that I encountered the one small glitch in this plan. The only climate controlled storage area in my home is the living area, and that happens to be completely full of silly things like clothes, food, and furniture. I did however, find one viable solution….

Climate controlled storage
What if I told you that there are actually places that will rent you a small, affordable, climate controlled space, that would be perfect for storing your books, record albums, baseball card collection,  musical instruments, and any other items that might be affected by extreme heat, cold or humidity? Yep, you guessed it – your local self-storage facility! They will undoubtedly offer climate controlled storage units where the temperature and humidity are kept at a median range throughout the year, as a means to protect just these types of items. Definitely worth checking out!

Well it may be too late for me and my autograph book, but hopefully these tips will prevent you from going up into your attic and finding a rusty trumpet!

By Jerry Brown