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The Storage Inn - Giving Back Through Charity

The Storage Inn – Giving Back Through Charity

The Storage Inn – Proud to Be Involved in Charity

The Common Perception

Your local self storage facility – you pass the place on your way home from work every night – you know the one, with the office out front, and the rows and rows of identical doors, where people store the stuff they don’t have room for at home. You probably don’t think much beyond that, but what you may not know is that a few self storage facilities are much more active in the community than you might think!

That Storage Place - The Storage Inn of EHT

That Storage Place – The Storage Inn of EHT

The Storage Inn – About Giving Back

As the sales manager of The Storage Inn in Egg Harbor Township I know first hand just how much we get involved in the community. We offer price breaks to local college students and military personnel, as well as providing discounted programs for community residents affected by local layoffs.

We ask the people in our area to use our services, so in return, it’s our obligation to let the people in our community know that we’re there, and that we care.

For instance, in 2102 our locations in Ocean City and Egg Harbor Township provided close to 100 storage units for up to three months to Hurricane Sandy storm victims free of charge.

The Storage Inn donates space to the Atlantic County ARC, and the local Faces 4 Autism charity. We donate  both space, and rental vehicles to the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Department’s Toys 4 Kids program, and the local Ladies Invitational Bluefish Tournament, which benefits breast cancer prevention.  The employees from our Ocean City location show up every year at the local church, with a truck load of turkeys to donate for holiday dinners for the less fortunate. We are proud to be involved in all of these charities, as well as providing monetary sponsorship for our local softball team, and summer beach concert series.

So the next time you drive past “that self storage place” keep in mind they may be doing more for the community than you’re aware of.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Definitely keep The Storage Inn of Ocean City and Egg Harbor Township in mind when you need some extra space!

Using Self Storage Space Effectively

Using Self Storage Space Effectively

Pleasantville Self Storage SpaceThere comes a time In many families lives, where the kids have now grown and left the home, and we just have too much house –  it’s time to downsize! The Catch-22 is that while we don’t need as much space to live, we still have just as many items to store, and our new smaller home just doesn’t have the space. It may be time to consider Self Storage, so we size up what we have to store, and head off to the local self storage facility.  If you’ve never done this before, it can be a daunting task. How much room do I need? For example, our  local self storage facility, The Storage Inn in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, has over 45 different sized units! How high can I stack the items? What should I store them in? These are all very good questions, so here are a few self storage space tips that might help .

Storage Unit Packing Tips

  1.  If finances allow,  choose a self storage space that is slightly larger than what you actually need to leave a space between the furniture, bins, and boxes for easy access.
  2.  Try to use containers that are tough, water resistant, and fairly uniform in size. Begin by placing your heavier items towards the bottom, and lighter items towards the top.  This will allow you to stack higher, and without danger of crushing the lower containers. Save the fragile and breakable items for the very top.
  3. Make sure that all boxes are packed full so that they do not collapse when stacked.  Use towels, bubble wrap,  or old newspaper to fill them if necessary.
  4. You may want to consider placing  disposable moisture absorbers, such as “Damp Rid” in your unit.  Covering the floor with plastic sheeting , or installing wooden in your self storage space pallets can also help to preserve your items.
  5. Leave the doors of any appliances open to avoid odors and fungal growth.  You can also use the space inside of appliances to store smaller items.
  6.  Metal items such as gardening tools should be treated with a rust inhibitor prior to storage.  Other delicate items such as books may be stored in an airtight container along with a small moisture absorber.
  7.  Never store flammable or hazardous materials inside a self storage unit.
  8.  Keep a written record  of the items that were placed in the unit, when they were put there, and when they were removed.
  9. Keep the security gate code and the keys to your padlock in a safe place so that they will not get lost, and only you will have access to them.

Keep these tips in mind if you’re heading out in search of self storage space.  They could make your storage space adventure a bit more bearable. The Storage Inn serves Ocean, Cape May and Atlantic Counties, including such places as Pleasantville, Ocean City, Atlantic City and more

By Jerry Brown