Happy 2017!

Happy New Years Everyone!

Self Storage and New Years Resolutions

It’s almost New Year’s Day here at the Storage Inn Self Storage in Egg Harbor Township New Jersey, and I’m hearing a lot of our customers talking about their plans for 2017 –  things like being healthier, more financially responsible, and of course, getting organized. Yesterday I met a nice lady, Mrs. Saymon, who not only rented a storage space at our The Storage Inn II  in Ocean City NJ, but also took advantage of our Free Moving Truck Rental.

“Are you moving?” I inquired.

“Nope – Just getting organized – It’s my New Years resolution.” she replied, eyes rolling.

We talked a bit, I wished her luck, and she was on her way to get a head start on her resolutions for 2017.

I’ve made many New Year’s resolutions over the years, (few of which I’ve actually kept!), but this made me wonder where this tradition of making promises to oneself actually originated.

So where did New Year’s Resolutions begin?

Our modern day “New Year” started when Julius Caesar introduced the Gregorian Calendar. He moved the first day of the year to January 1st in honor of Janus the Roman God of beginnings.  However, Caesar’s idea didn’t quite catch on until it was made official in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. The Gregorian calendar is the same one that we use today.

But! It Goes Back Even Further Than The Romans!

It turns out the New Years concept actually started about four thousand years ago with the Babylonians. They rang in their New Year with an eleven day festival in March. These folks started it all by making promises to their gods, in hopes they would earn good favor in the New Year. One of their favorite resolutions was to get out of debt – sound familiar? Historians are unclear on whether or not the Babylonians resolved to be healthier. My research suggests however that the ancient Babylonians did not have to deal with the temptations provided by their local McDonald’s or Dairy Queen!


So there it is folks. We continue to celebrate a tradition passed on from generation to generation even after all these years! And so time marches on, and the New Year will come and it will go. But this year, I’m determined to shed those extra pounds. Granted I weigh just about the same as I did last year when I made this New Year’s goal! 

It’s been so long how do I get to the gym again? – oh, that’s right – you make a right at McDonald’s, and it’s across the street from the Dairy Queen! Good luck, and Happy New Year everyone!