Spring Cleaning & Indoor Storage Units

Spring Cleaning & Indoor Storage Units

Why Spring cleaning? Why not Summer cleaning, or Winter cleaning? The answer is simple. Spring represents renewal – a fresh start ! It’s time to go from jeans and sweatshirts, to shorts and  flip flops – from snow shovels and ice melt,  to lawnmowers and beach chairs. It’s time to open the windows, clean, and get organized !

Do you have storage space?
Having a garage can be a big plus when organizing storage.  Whether you have a garage or not, indoor storage units can come in handy.  Avoid just piling everything into the garage. It may seem like the easiest solution but is often ineffective, and rarely actually solves your clutter problems.  The garage should be used only for items that you need regular access to, but that wouldn’t be appropriate to store in a living area.

Seasonal item Storage
Arrange your garage in a way that will keep warm weather items such as seasonal tools, lawn care products, paints and stains, bicycles, and beach chairs handy, with space to access them as needed. Be aware of items that will not be needed until next Fall or Winter, such as Halloween costumes, holiday decorations, snow shovels, and ice melt, these items are good candidates to be moved to indoor storage units.

Closet Clean-out
In most homes, a quick look into the closets will reveal that we have many more  pairs of shoes, and articles of clothing then we can  actually store correctly. This is a good time to sort the cold weather items  such as boots and winter jackets, and move them to your self storage units until Spring . Most self storage facilities offer wardrobe boxes, made specifically for storing clothing items. Now you have space in your closet for your next shopping spree!

Documents and Sentimental Items
You no doubt have a drawer, box or file cabinets full of documents and records, many of which you will need to keep, but not access regularly. We all have items that we rarely use , but that are of such sentimental value that we can’t bear to part with them – old family photographs, grandma’s rocker, or that kitschy lamp that we bought for our first apartment. This is a good time to move these items to indoor storage units for safe keeping. Remember to store your documents and photographs in waterproof containers.

Spring cleaning is not a fun job, however these tips on utilizing indoor storage units should make it a little more bearable. Remember to donate usable items, rather than trashing them..When in doubt, use the Golden Rule for spring cleaning. If you haven’t used it in the past year, and it doesn’t fall into the sentimental or document category, it’s got to go. Happy Cleaning!

By Jerry Brown